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Hot Diggity Donuts is Open

Hot Diggity Donuts is officially open for business on Manchester’s Hull Street.

The donut lounge offers made from scratch, fried to order hot sourdough donuts, a craft cocktail program, donut shooters, desserts, bagel sandwiches and salads. The bakery will serve its food to stay, to go, or for delivery on both sides of the river, while also offering online ordering. The business is run by the team of Daniel Scherotter (Culinary Director), Nick Hanson (Operations Manager), and George Bagby (Head Baker), Hot Diggity Donuts is the first of several new restaurants, bakeries, cafés, & brewpubs the team is working to open on Hull Street.

Hot Diggity Donuts is located in the once crumbling Jones-Green Shoe Company building located at 1213 Hull Street. Originally built in 1911, the building underwent a massive renovation to preserve the historic structure. In fact, the building had already begun to collapse at the rear, and significant shoring up was required to save the building. The historic renovation was an adaptive reuse with Hot Diggity Donuts set to open on the first floor, and four residential apartments at the rear and upstairs. Hot Diggity Donuts has hired just shy of half of its new employees from the local neighborhood adding badly needed local jobs and a new food and drink option for the Hull Street corridor.

Author: Michael C. Hild

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