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Decatur St Rehabs are Finished!

Church Hill Ventures took on the renovation of two abandoned historic single family homes on Decatur Street. Located directly across the street from one another, the two large brick homes were eyesores. Left to deteriorate for decades, the two houses were attracting vagrants, drug use, crime, and blight.

After extensive renovation, the two homes have been converted from a detractor for the neighborhood, to a positive contribution that will help stabilize the area. By bringing new residents to the two old homes, the neighborhood will now have some new neighbors.

1219 Decatur Street

1219 Decatur was built ca 1905, prior to the annexation by the City of Richmond in 1910. 1219 Decatur is the longest standing residence on the north side of the block. It was built as a single-family dwelling and was once a parsonage for the former Decatur Street Methodist Church, a church with a congregation as large as 600 members.

This 2800 square foot beautiful house consists of two stories, 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, washer/dryer, a fenced backyard with a storage shed for bikes/motorcyle(s), a covered porch, and a truly walkable/bikeable, urban environment.

1214 Decatur Street

1214 Decatur is a beautiful single-family, two-story, Italiante-style residence constructed ca. 1905, prior to the annexation by the City of Richmond in 1910.

This 3,200 square foot beautiful house consists of two stories, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, washer/dryer, a fenced backyard with off-street parking, a covered two story walk out porch. Plus it is only a block from Hull Street and all the new businesses, restaurants, markets, cafés, and breweries that are opening.

Inquiries for rental availability can be obtained at 804-396-6365 or info@dogtownapartments.com, or visit DogtownApartments.com to learn more.

Author: Michael C. Hild

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