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Stockton Street Side-By-Side Renovations Are Complete!

Church Hill Ventures took on the renovation of two historic single family homes that sat side by side one another on Stockton Street. Left to deteriorate for decades, the two former RRHA houses were in need of some tender loving care.

After extensive renovation, the two homes have been converted from a detractor for the neighborhood, to a positive contribution that will help stabilize the block. By bringing new residents to the two old homes, the neighborhood will now have some new neighbors.

1804 Stockton Street

12o4 Stockton is a cute single story craftsman home that consists of 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, washer/dryer, a fenced backyard with a storage shed for bikes/motorcyle(s), a covered porch, and a truly walkable/bikeable  urban environment.

1806 Stockton Street

12o6 Stockton is a cute two story American Foursquare home that consists of 3 Bedrooms, 1.5 Bathrooms, washer/dryer, a fenced backyard, a covered porch, and a truly walkable/bikeable urban environment.

Inquiries for rental availability can be obtained at 804-396-6365 or, or visit to learn more.

Author: Michael C. Hild

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