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We are Happy to Announce The Butterbean Market & Cafe!

We are happy to announce our new venture & best attempt to help fill the food desert on Manchester’s Hull St with: The Butterbean Market & Cafe. We hope y’all will come to visit. Shooting for 1Q 2018 opening!

Why Are We Opening The Butterbean? Three Reasons…

Neighborhood Building: We have seen firsthand the incredibly transformative impact a local, homegrown market can have for a neighborhood. Whether it’s Union Market in Church Hill, Saison Market in Jackson Ward, Shield’s Market in the Fan, or the granddaddy of them all-Elwood Thompson’s, these markets have done great things for the local community. These places not only offer fresh, local, and sustainable food options in what was otherwise a food desert, but they become safe third places that allow a diverse set of neighbors to interact and get to know one another.

Less Words & More Action: We have grown frustrated with business people constantly talking, but with no real action related to opening a grocery store in Manchester, or reviving the dormant Hull Street business corridor for that matter. The talk has been going on for at least 20 years…and simply put, we are tired of waiting. And while The Butterbean will admittedly be far from a full scale grocery store, it will be a start. We will try to offer as many local food and dry goods as we can in the space we have available and that the community will ultimately support.

We Love Food: We are hoping The Butterbean can be a place for folks to get healthy and affordable food, made from scratch, and prepared on site. In fact, to that end we have hired an expert as our Culinary Director-Chef Daniel Scherotter from San Francisco. Dan is the former Executive Chef & Owner/CEO of the acclaimed 25+ year old Palio d’Asti Italian restaurant in San Francisco’s financial district. But probably just as important, Dan is a teacher at heart. Dan recently developed from scratch a culinary entrepreneurial program at San Francisco’s John O’Connell High School, which he then led for the past five years. As the Culinary Arts & Economics Manager for the school, Dan learned firsthand how to help the younger generation learn the necessary skills in order to successfully enter the restaurant business. We think that will be a great skill to have as we look to hire and train new staff. We couldn’t be more excited to have Dan as part of the team as we look to roll out several food and drink concepts we are developing for Hull Street.

We hope you will like what we have in store as we try to put the building blocks in place to help Manchester’s potential turn into reality. You can check out The Butterbean’s websiteFacebook, & Instagram pages to follow the progress for the venture.

We are Happy to Announce Dogtown Apartments!

Many of the historic buildings we are rehabilitating along Hull Street are multi-story. That means these buildings are ideal not only for 1st Floor Commercial spaces, but the upper floors are perfect for downtown apartment living in a walkable (and bike-able) neighborhood that has multiple access points to the James River. As a result, we have decided to list the various lofts, studios, and 1/2/3 Bedroom apartments that we will have available throughout Manchester on our new website: Dogtown Apartments.

Our first four units at 1213 Hull Street will be available in September of 2017. Ten units at 1204/1206 Hull St will be available in November. At 1209 Hull Street, 12 units will be available in January of 2018. Plus, we have many others buildings in the planning phase. Check out the units at our new website DogtownApartments.com and you will be within walking distance of all kinds of new restaurants, cafes, bakeries, & markets which are scheduled to open in 2018 and 2019.

Couple’s bullish bet on Hull Street continues

We were honored to have Richmond BizSense do a story on our plans for Manchester’s Hull Street business corridor entitled: Couple’s bullish bet on Hull Street continues.

The story details our plans for transforming the area back into the thriving business corridor that it once was. If you are a business owner, restauranteur, or budding entrepreneur who would like to be a part of Hull Street’s transformation, feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

Entrepreneur buying buildings and sprucing up Manchester

Carol Hazard from the Richmond Times-Dispatch did a feature article for the cover of the Business Section on our Manchester initiative in the Sunday, March 20th edition entitled: Entrepreneur buying buildings and sprucing up Manchester.

There is an incredible amount of positive momentum in Manchester right now. We are proud to be part of the efforts to restore this awesome neighborhood to its former glory!


Richmond’s Manchester neighborhood is currently the primary focus of Church Hill Ventures. We are pleased to announce that we have already committed an investment of approximately $1.75 Million into Manchester property acquisitions and are on the lookout for more. While we are still formulating plans for the future development of the property we own, the investment in the neighborhood should be $15 Million+ in total.

TDD LogoAs a next step we established The Dogtown Dish, a community news source to help build the brand of the Manchester neighborhood and recognize the positive change that is occurring. The Dogtown Dish posts news stories that are relevant to Manchester and helps act as a source for information for both visitors and residents alike.